Search for Truth

Light – Space – Sound Installation 30th Anniversary of the university library building TU Wien (Vienna University of Technology) November 13 – December 09 daily between 17:00 and 23:00 Karlsplatz/Resselpark/Wiedner Hauptstraße Vienna/Austria Truth and science – only in science we have well defined criteria to differentiate truth from lies as well as probability from improbability. … Continue reading

The Squirrels are Back: Revitalization of a Kindergarten in Vienna

One year after its 20th anniversary the kindergarten Viverica (the Croatian word for Squirrel) of the Burgenland Croatian Center in Vienna needed a facelift. The budget and timescale we had at disposition were limited. Works had to be done during summer holidays, the only period of the year, where the kindergarten is to be found empty. … Continue reading

Refurbishment of a Kindergarten

One year after its 20th anniversary the kindergarten “Viverica” at Burgenland Croatian Center (Vienna) needs a facelift: During only one month the refurbishment will be completed to offer a new space for kids. The construction works started beginning of August and will be finished 1st of September – the day the youngsters will return from their holiday. For this project … Continue reading

FLOE: Mobile Bar System and Urban Furniture

                                                              Pop-up-bar & urban furniture: Two basic elements made of translucent sanded GRP can be added, arranged and used in various ways. Their geometry recalls the … Continue reading

Collage of a City

This virtual city map was created out of four different city structures, all developed during the late 19th century as city expansions after the industrial revolution. New York – Meatpacking District Paris – Victor Hugo Vienna – Ottakring London – Marylebone

green building

two projects in progress: Wrap Building alteration, thermal rehabilitation and roof extension: low-cost/low-energy consumption house on the outskirts of Vienna (A) The application of pre-fabricated, recyclable materials – actually used for industrial constructions – in conjunction with sophisticated architectural design transforms the single-family house from the 1970s into an example of sustainability. current phase: design … Continue reading


M&O 2012

Photos for Dietmar Grieser’s Book “Das gibt’s nur in Wien”

Several photos of places in Vienna for Dietmar Grieser’s latest book “Das gibt’s nur in Wien – Eine autobiographische Spurensuche”, Amalthea Verlag – check out on Amazon

Bufo Tadeus / Matthias Krenn – No Art

Photos taken during the opening of Bufo Tadeus’ (walls) and Matthias Krenn’s (floor) installation at Prater Sauna (Vienna) on the 8th of March. Upcoming exhibition: Neue Welt aus k̶alter Asche on May 31st at Schneiderei.

Will Benedict / Julie Verhoeven – Bread and Butt

Will Benedict and Julie Verhoeven at Galerie Meyer Kainer in Vienna: pictures taken at the great opening on 05-10-2012 . What a beautiful mess … ! (exhibition till 06-16-2012)