Temporary musical and architectural installation: Republic of China Centennial (Taiwan)

view to stage (rehearsal)
Client: National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra
Task: architectural design, stage design and mise-en-scène.

Prayer was a temporary musical and architectural installation by Shih (composition) and Fabian Dembski (design and mis-en-scene) for the centennial of Republic of China.
The oratorio was performed in november 2011 at Sun-Moon-Lake situated in the center of Taiwan. The existing architecture of Norihiko Dan with its impressive ramps and bridges was not only used as scenery but due to the special arrangement of the musicians and its extraordinary acoustics it was used as a musical instrument too. Also the surrounding – the lake, the sky and the mountainous landscape – was incorporated in the installation on different levels.
The production was planned for full orchestra (83 musicians on stage), a women’s and a children chorus (approx. 400 singers), one soloist singer and for 72 timbals which were positioned in a circle on the buildings ramps, bridges and the surrounding area embracing the audience.

The films (realized by the taiwanese artist Sheng-Hsueh Wu) showed dark shadows of violence, vague memories, separation and finally fusion. They were projected onto the rough concrete structures becoming an impressive scenery, emotionally incorporating the audience.

The 72 timbals (conducted by spotlights) were symbolizing the martyrs who died during the fights for democracy against the Qing-dynasty.

The orchestra-stage, formally a pavilion, was added to the existing building. Its light cloud-like roof served as a shelter for the musicians and was at the same time the “gate” to the another layer: the lake and the sky.
The light roof made of wood and textile was illuminated from the inside. An abstract “cloud” as a symbol of freedom.

Sun-Moon-Lake and Kaohsiung (Taiwan / R.O.C)
Project period: April 2010 – November 2011
Music / composition / project leadership: Shih
Visual artist: Sheng-Hsueh Wu

Premiere: 11/19/2011; Sun-Moon-Lake Visitor Center (approx. 6.000 audience)
Performance in Kaohsiung: 11/20/2011; Center for the Arts (approx. 4.000 audience, different stage-design)

Performed by National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra (approx. 500 musicians incl. chorus)
Conductor: Fusao Kajima
Vocalist: Hsin-Han Chang

project completed (2011)
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