Südwest Presse (Germany) writes about the new super computer at HLRS (High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart) and our virtual urban model of Herrenberg at the visualization department (12/2018).

RegioTV (Germany) is reporting on the “Living Lab Urban:Quarters 4.0” research project (HLRS, University of Stuttgart), the virtual city model (digital twin) and a newly developed mobile app for urban analysis (05/2018).

Westfälische Nachrichten (Germany) has published a critique about Shih’s piece “Wolken und Wellen” (Clouds and Waves) by Chr. Schulte im Walde. We were responsible for the mise-en-scène of this sound sculpture premiered in Münster, Germany (05/2018).


“A Connecting “Separation”” (klang:punkte) (Austria / English) The light-space-sound installation “Search for Truth” is featured in the current issue of the music journal “klang:punkte / sound:files” (Nr. 45, Doblinger) as the cover story (2017).

72 timbals surrounding the audience

Wo der Weihnachtsstern ein Baum ist” (Austria / German) chapter in the book “Wege die man nicht vergißt” by Dietmar Grieser about the project “Prayer” in Taiwan (2015, Amalthea Verlag).


Obnovljena Viverica (ORF / Dobar dan Hrvati) (Austria / Croatian) Austrian Broadcast ORF visited the kindergarten “Viverica” (2014).


Dembskis Heterotopie (Skin) (Austria / German) Skin publishes a review about the “Sept Ans de Bonheur” project (2014 by Franco Veremondi).

stage and orchestra (rehearsal)

Ruhe und große Emotion (klang:punkte) (Austria / German & English) A detailed story about the “Prayer” project (2012 by Walter Weidringer).

Pauken, Prunk, Plantagen (Die Presse) (Austria / Ger.) Austrian newspaper “Die Presse” writes about the “Prayer” project (2012).

Und zum Abschied ein Lächeln (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung) (Germany / German) The FAZ with a detailed story about the centennial of Republic of China and the “Prayer” project and concert (2011 by Dirk Schümer).

China Times – Prayer (Taiwan / Chinese) China Times reports about the “Prayer” project (2011).

編輯/謝俊峰 (China News) (Taiwan / Chinese) The “Prayer” project in China News (2011).

旅奧作曲家施捷新作納入12國語言 為國家百歲「祈福」(Radio Taiwan International : Chinese) RTI about the “Prayer” project (2011 by Erik Class).

祈福 (Music Browser) (Taiwan / Chinese) Music Browser’s big report about the “Prayer” project in Taiwan (2011). 

mirrored treehouse (Fabian Dembski)

Mirror Mirror on the Wall (Architizer) (USA / English) Architizer is reporting about the “mirrored treehouse concept” (2011).

Homebase für Netznomaden (formart – Magazin für Architektur & Wohndesign/Die Presse) (Austria / German) comments on interior design (2008 by Christina Merl) link