FLOE Night

 Pop-up-bar & urban furniture:

Two basic elements made of translucent sanded GRP can be added, arranged and used in various ways. Their geometry recalls the idea of broken ice floes.

FLOE can be employed almost everywhere. Its usage is multifunctional: a bar, a swimming platform, urban furniture, landmark, signpost, lounge table, neon sign and lamp.

To stabilize an element its container can be filled with water or with phosphorescing fluids to enlighten the volumes. For that purpose also LED can be used as an alternative.
GRP is very a very light material extremely solid in structure and easy to clean. Thanks to their geometry the elements are stackable so easy to transport and easily to set up.
When used as a bar FLOE offers space to store bottles, tumblers, ice cube trays etc.
All objects are outdoor-proof and functional. For transportation, the elements serve as carriers for the entire bar-equipment.

Entry for the ABSOLUT® Austria Pop-Up-Bar competition (2014)
Team: Fabian Dembski, assisted by Alessandro Santi

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