To learn more about our projects choose one of the links below:

Clouds and Waves sound sculpture in Muenster, Germany (2018)
Search for Truth light – space – sound installation for TU Wien (2017)
Buildings for Democracy exhibition concept/Embassy of Finland in Vienna (2015/2016)
Case Study: Krems/Wachau cultural heritage – spatial complexity (for TU Wien, 2017)

The Turbine House
 conversion of an industrial monument in Vienna (2016/2017)
Il Nido sustainable micro hotel in Amalfi (2016/2017)
Jackkitchen foldable mobile kitchen (2015/2016)
Wrap design study: sustainable refurbishment (2015)
The Sound of Flying installation/exhibition in Taiwan (2015/2016)
The View House sustainable alpine architecture in Tyrol (2014/2015)
Floe mobile pop-up-bar (2014)
Kindergarten refurbishment and conversion in Vienna (2014)
Residential Building/Vienna project cooperation for Khoch2 architects (2013)

Prayer Republic of China centennial (2011)
Residential Building/Krems project cooperation for Khoch2 architects (2011)

Sun-Moon-Cloud lake stage in Taiwan (2010)
Villa K. refurbishment and conversion in Vienna (2009/2010)
Rooftop roof extension in Vienna (2009/2010)

Sept Ans de Bonheur mirrored Pavilions for Paris and Venice (2009)
Dead and Alive house for an undertaker and apartments in Carinthia (2008)

Mirrored Tree House concept (2007/2008)
Bell Tower for an existing church in Carinthia (2007)
Der Stille Schrei opera stage for a festival in Vorarlberg (2005)
Shelter (2001)


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