Recent publications:

Deckert, A.; Dembski, F.; Ulmer, F.; Ruddat, M. & Wössner, U. (2020), Digital tools in stakeholder participation for the German Energy Transition. Can digital tools improve participation and its outcome? , Academic Press , chapter 9 , pp. 161-177 .

Dembski, F.; Wössner, U.; Letzgus, M.; Ruddat, M. & Yamu, C. (2020), ‘Urban Digital Twins for Smart Cities and Citizens: The Case Study of Herrenberg, Germany’, Sustainability 12 (6), 2307.

Dembski, F. (2020): The Post-Car City: Case Study Paris. Talk, 27 February 2020; In the lecture series: On Carbon Neutrality in City Planning and Architecture, Lylykangas, K. (Ed.), Academy of Architecture and Urban Studies, Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech), Estonia

Dembski, F. et al. (2020): Expert Note on Digital Urban Twins, In: Chapter “Global Outlook. Data-driven Sustainable Development, Green Finance and ESG Investment.” In: Future Cities, New Economy, and Shared City Prosperity Driven by Technological Innovations. United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat), Nairobi/Kenya, p. 165

Dembski, F., Wössner, U., Letzgus, M. (2019): The Digital Twin – Tackling Urban Challenges with Models, Spatial Analysis and Numerical Simulations in Immersive Virtual Environments. In: Sousa, JP, Xavier, JP and Castro Henriques, G (eds.), Architecture in the Age of the 4th Industrial Revolution – Proceedings of the 37th eCAADe and 23rd SIGraDi Conference – Volume 1, University of Porto, Porto, Portugal, 11-13 September 2019, pp. 795-804 (open access)

Dembski F., Wössner U., Yamu C.: Digital Twin, Virtual Reality and Space Syntax: Civic Engagement and Decision Support for Smart, Sustainable Cities.; 12th International Space Syntax Symposium, July 8-13, 2019; in: Proceedings of the 12th Space Syntax Symposium, 316, Beijing. (open access)

Dembski, F., Wössner, U., Letzgus, M., Guedey, M. (2019): Planungs- und Entscheidungsunterstützungs-Werkzeug: Der digitale Zwilling; in: Baum, M., Beulich, A., Kegel, T. (eds.): Wandel gestalten. Das Reallabor Stadt:Quartiere 4.0, Städtebau-Institut (SI)- Lehrstuhl für Stadtplanung und Entwerfen (SuE), Stuttgart pp. 44-48. (open access)

Benz T., Berke R., Bohlmann R., Böhr B., Carius R., Dembski F., Erzigkeit I., Fauth E., Fritz R., Goder J., Haberstroh C., Henke C., Köppel M., Kretschmer R., O’Brian C., Peschen C., Schlagwein W., Schüler R., Wachinger G., Wist S.-K. (2019): Beteiligung in der kommunalen Planung. Zwölf Empfehlungen aus der Praxis für die Praxis; Spektrum der Mediation, (2019), 77; pp. 26 – 31. 

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