Clouds and Waves – Premiere in Münster (DE)

“Clouds and Waves” is a sound sculpture by Shih working as a temporary installation in space and imagination. The sculpture is formed inside the heads of the audience and interprets through the freedom of abstraction. As in life, a continuum is being created: a gentle beginning, rearing up loudly and a fainting dying away – … Continue reading

Search for Truth

Light – Space – Sound Installation 30th Anniversary of the university library building TU Wien (Vienna University of Technology) November 13 – December 09 daily between 17:00 and 23:00 Karlsplatz/Resselpark/Wiedner Hauptstraße Vienna/Austria Truth and science – only in science we have well defined criteria to differentiate truth from lies as well as probability from improbability. … Continue reading

The Sound of Flying

for Shih The concept is based on the composition “Crossing the River” (1996). Inspired by the music, the scores are blown away into an uncertain space in a vague freedom while the composition is played in the same room. Inside the dark space boarders are not visible – only the sheets and the desk are enlightened. … Continue reading

Mateusz Lesman / Matthias Krenn – No Art

Photos taken during the opening of Mateusz Lesman’s (walls) and Matthias Krenn’s (floor) installation at Prater Sauna (Vienna) on the 8th of March. Upcoming exhibition: Neue Welt aus k̶alter Asche on May 31st at Schneiderei.