Talks & Teaching

Fabian has many years of teaching experience. He has taught at Vienna University of Technology at the faculty of architecture and planning and he’s regularly invited to other European Universities as a lecturer. Currently he is working at the High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart/University of Stuttgart and as a visiting lecturer at Japan Austria Science Exchange Center at TU Wien (Austria). He is co-founder and board member of the movens society. Fabian gives lectures at universities and other institutions in several countries.

Current lectures (choice):
F. Dembski, B. Rief-Vernay: “Urban Development of European Cities – A Historical Overview and Critical Outlook“; Talk, Saga University (Japan) workshop at Vienna University of Technology / Japan Austria Science Exchange Center (invited); 03-2018.

F. Dembski: “Le Développement Urbain Intérieur en Fonction de l’Energie – Strategies Post-Pétrol pour Paris“; Talk, Université Paris-Sorbonne IV (invited); 02-2015.

F. Dembski: “One step back, two steps forward: Post-oil strategies for Paris“; Talk: Walk21 Vienna 2015 conference, Vienna (invited); 10-2015.