Talks and Teaching

Upcoming talks and lectures:

Supercomputing Academy: Seminar on the topic “Urban Digital Twin” (expected 1 July 2020).

Guest professor at TU Wien in the framework of their Data Visualization Lab (02-09/2020)

Architecture Design Studio “Pop-Up Shelter”, TU Wien (Vienna University of Technology), Japan Austria Science Exchange Center (JASEC), summer term 2020; Information and application via TU Vienna’s TISS and/or the JASEC website / summer semester 2020.

Member of the master thesis defence committee at Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech), Academy of Architecture and Urban Studies / summer semester 2020.

Supervisor in the framework of the project Simulated Worlds at High-Performance Computing Center Stuttgart / summer semester 2020.

Past talks and lectures (choice):

F. Dembski: “Die Post-Öl Stadt: Fallstudien und Strategien”; In the framework of the design studio “Transformation Spaces Paris” (Entwerfen – Transformative Räume Paris), led by Angelika Psenner and Max Utech; 4 May 2020. TU Wien (Vienna University of Technology), Institute of Urban Design and Landscape Architecture, Research Unit Urban Design.

F. Dembski, U. Wössner, M. Letzgus: “Kollaborative Planung am virtuellen Stadtmodell: Simulation und Datenvisualisierung im Digitalen Zwilling” (Workshop); Morgenstadt Werkstatt 2020, Innovations-Festival für digitale Zukunftskommunen in Baden-Württemberg, 5.-6. März 2020, Fraunhofer-Institut für Arbeitswirtschaft und Organisation IAO , Workshop am Höchstleistungsrechenzentrum Stuttgart (HLRS).
Programm (Link) 

F. Dembski: “The Post-Car City.”; In the framework of: K. Lylykangas: “On Carbon Neutrality in City Planning and Architecture”, 27 February 2020, Academy of Architecture and Urban Studies, TalTech (Tallinn University of Technology), Tõnismägi 14, Ground floor Lecture hall / Tallinn, Estonia. 

F. Dembski, U. Wössner, M. Letzgus: “The Digital Twin – Tackling Urban Challenges with Models, Spatial Analysis and Numerical Simulations in Immersive Virtual Environments”; 11 September 2019, eCAADe SIGraDi 2019 Symposium: Architecture in the Age of the 4th Industrial Revolution, Session: Data – Smart City, Porto

International Design Studio/Architecture “Student Hub”, Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien), Japan Austria Science Exchange Center / Saga University / High-Performance Computing Center Stuttgart (2019)

F. Dembski, U. Wössner, C. Yamu: “Digital Twin, Virtual Reality and Space Syntax: Civic Engagement and Decision Support for Smart, Sustainable Cities”; 8. – 13. July 2019, 12th International Space Syntax Symposium, Beijing .

Lecture in the framework of the Seminar Das Digitale in der Kultur; “Safe New World: Überwachen und Strafen” (German), 05.06.2019, University of Stuttgart, Institute for High-Performance Computing (IHR), online video stream via the ILIAS platform.

International Symposium: Urban Systems / Global Challenges / Digital Tools, 28-29 May 2019; (Living Lab Urban:Quarters 4.0 and bwHPC-S5 Center of Excellence for Global System Science) High-Performance Computing Center Stuttgart (Organizer of the symposium).

F. Dembski, B. Rief-Vernay: “Urban Development of European Cities – A Historical Overview and Critical Outlook“; Talk, Saga University (Japan) workshop at Vienna University of Technology / Japan Austria Science Exchange Center (invited); 03-2018.

F. Dembski: “Le Développement Urbain Intérieur en Fonction de l’Energie – Strategies Post-Pétrol pour Paris“; Talk, Université Paris-Sorbonne IV (invited); 02-2015.

F. Dembski: “One step back, two steps forward: Post-oil strategies for Paris“; Talk: Walk21 Vienna 2015 conference, Vienna (invited); 10-2015.