Fabian Dembski

Studio for Architecture and Urban Design

Member of the Bureau Architectenregister (NL)
a member of the Architects Council of Europe
Reg. №: 1.131001.014

Team / Cooperation Partners:

Klemens Bichler

Daxner & Merl GmbH
Therese Daxner and Adolf Daniel Merl / Sustainability Strategy Responsibility

Matthias Krenn
Artist and Designer

Mateusz Lesman
Artist and Illustrator

Alexander Laber
Architect / cooperating office (Vienna)

Thommy James Padayhag
Building Physics and Sustainable Design

Benjamin Park
Artistic Assistant

Alexandra Sagmeister
Conservator for Mural Paintings and Architectural Surfaces

Composer, Mise-En-Scène

Research & Teaching:

Fabian Dembski is currently working as a researcher at High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart/University of Stuttgart with focus on digital transformation in urban planning and participatory processes, 3D virtual and augmented realities. He also lectures at Japan Austria Science Exchange Center/Vienna University of Technology and holds talks and workshops regularly at different European Universities and research institutions.

He taught and carried out research at the faculty of architecture and planning at Vienna University of Technology until 2018 and is co-founder and board member of the movens society.

In his research he is focussing on decision and planning support, sustainable urban planning and design as well as on digital transformation.

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