The Sound of Flying

for Shih

The concept is based on the composition “Crossing the River” (1996). Inspired by the music, the scores are blown away into an uncertain space in a vague freedom while the composition is played in the same room. Inside the dark space boarders are not visible – only the sheets and the desk are enlightened.

Uncertainty far and wide, not even the opposite riverbank is visible – how can one find the way across? Darkness and fog handicap his vision: left to his own resources, the protagonist puts his trust in the elements. Will they bring him to his objective? Moments of fear alternate with moments of hope, memories of earlier experiences rise up between them – as in a split second dream, which compresses a whole life into a single moment …
Shih, preface to “Crossing the River” inspired by a passage in Marguerite Duras novel “L’Amant” (The Lover)

Sound-space-installation for the composers retrospective planned to be realized in Taipei (R.O.C.) 2015/2016.

The Sound of FlyingSketchFinal

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