Completed: The View House

After a construction time of half a year the View House is completed. Till end of August landscape design and furnishing will be finished.

Although situated on a slope the ground floor, the parking lot and courtyard are barrier-free. A space for an elevator is also thought ahead. If needed, the two levels can be easily divided into two independent flats, connected by the vertical development core. The orientation of the building was chosen to profit from the maximum of natural light and the great vistas.

Major parts of the building are constructed in prefabricated solid wood (cross-laminated timber) and its façade is protected by formwork made of untreated larch, constructively preserved and shaded through the particular roof’s geometry. The solid wooden boards conform to the emission class 0 and all other used materials are crucial for a healthy, environmentally sound building. The wooden roof is aluminum coated and extended to the weather exposed northwest façade and in the southeast and south with cantilevers for sun protection. The houses façade is opening to the south and southeast to profit by solar energy through natural exposure.
Through high insulation values for the building´s skin it is classified as low-energy house. Heating and warm water supply systems are powered by solar energy and are additionally supported by a tiled stove, which makes the house independent from external energy supply.

(photos by the client)

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