Book: SimLab – departure to new worlds

New book release: „departure to new worlds“ is an illustrated book providing an overview about SimLab’s recent scientific activities with the emphasis on planning and complexity, energy and environment, teaching, 3D virtual realities and how to use them to enhance civic engagement in planning processes. It was published in the framework of SimLab at TU Wien. The book is available on personal request via email, at the Department of Spatial Planning at TU Wien or in libraries.

Fabian Dembski, Andreas Voigt, Claudia Yamu et al. (eds.)
SimLab – departure to new worlds
TU Wien Faculty for Architecture and Planning, 2016
ISBN 978-3-902707-29-1

Idea & Concept: Fabian Dembski & Claudia Yamu
Design & Layout: Fabian Dembski


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