The new supercomputer of the High-Performance Computing Center Stuttgart (HLRS) is the flagship of the facility, one of the fastest in the world, and also the fastest in Europe for general applications. Hawk is designed for engineering simulation applications and enables a variety of new workflows to support data generation, simulation, big-data analysis, deep learning and other data science methods.
Within the scope of their activities at the HLRS, Fabian Dembski and Uwe Wössner designed the shell of the supercomputer at the Visualisation Department. It displays current research projects as visualisations – from high-resolution galaxies, a digital urban twin, to neurons of a mouse brain.
The Hewlett Packard Enterprise System “Apollo” consists of 44 cabinets with 5632 compute nodes and has a system peak performance of 26 petaflops. Learn more about Hawk on the HLRS website.

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