Booklet for SimLab at Vienna University of Technology:

SimLab is an interdisciplinary research centre located at Vienna University of Technology, dealing with geospatial methods and other digital technologies for space and the built environment and incorporating computer-based visualization and modeling as substantial resources for planning and design processes. A key feature of the centre is the spatial simulation lab – a 3D virtual reality (VR) environment.

Two factors make 3D models and their presentation in a VR environment so interesting to work with. On the one hand, the transparency of data and the awareness-raising process induced by the multi-scale variety of viewpoints; secondly, the ability to interrogate a database. The added value of spatial simulation and modelling brings a new dynamic to discussions and collaborative urban design processes.

graphic design, logo design, layout
texts and editorial work together with Claudia Czerkauer-YamuAndreas Voigt and Rainer Mayerhofer

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