11/19 and 11/20 Prayer – Homage to R.O.C. centennial

composition by Shih
performed by National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra
11/19 (Sat.), 19:30-21:30 Xiangshan Visitor Center, Sun Moon Lake
11/20 (Sun.), 19:30-21:30 Kaohsiung National Performing Arts Center
free admission

“Prayer” is a large-scale work written by Shih.
The work has been composed upon the invitation of the National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra and is dedicated to devoting, persevering women who sacrificed themselves for the Republic of China over the past one hundred years. This music uses twelve regional and local dialogues to pray for blessings for the people.
Almost 500 musicians (chorus with 320 singers, 72 timbals, orchestra and one vocalist) will perform the piece at Sun-Moon-Lake in the center of Taiwan and in Kauhsiung.
Additionally the cloud-like stage, the use of architecture as a musical instrument and visuals for the scenery will incorporate the audience.

“Prayer” in the media (chinese):
China TimesRadio Taiwan InternationalYam News

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  1. […] the introduction-lecturer about architecture and music, Shih presented his composition „Prayer“ and our musical and architectural installation at Sun-Moon-Lake which took place on November 19th. […]

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