Sun-Moon-Cloud revised

After a location-change for the presentation of Shih’s „Prayer“ (concert for 100th anniversary of Republic of China), the design for Sun-Moon-Cloud had to be revised. The new performance venue is located at the Sun-Moon-Lake visitor center. The pavilions design changed so that it is going to be a temporary plug-in to the building designed by Norihiko Dan. It is now situated in front of the water basin. As the roof will be used at this place only for this special event, its construction-design had to be changed: Instead of the steel truss, composite lumber will be used. The coverage of the roof will be made of impregnated translucent paper and the roof itself not height-adjustable anymore. Anyhow the roof could be used again at a different place in the future.

The construction of the stage itself is made of framework, covered with wooden panels for the floor.
The visitor center will not only be used as an auditorium, but is going serve as well as a musical instrument for Shih’s composition: The huge ramps, the bridges and gangways are captivating through their special and strong acoustics. Surrounding the audience, 72 timbales will be positioned on the stage, on the water basin as well as on the ramps and the south front of the facility. Next to the great orchestra, the women’s chorus (approx. 200 singers), the vocalist and the conductor are positioned on the stage. The children’s chorus is situated on the south front behind the audience. The „body“ of the building (resembling a lung) will intensify the music to a great experience for the listeners.
Video projections on the walls and ceilings of the buildings bridges and gangways, fire and artificial fog will complete the art installation.

The performance will take place November 19th at Xianghsan visitor center (Sun-Moon-Lake, R.O.C) hosted by the National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra (director Jeng-Yi Lin) under the conductor Fusao Kajima and chorus director Chen Yun-Hung with NTSO Festival Chorus and the vocalist Hsin-Han Chang.

general artistic concept by Shih and Fabian Dembski
composition by Shih

architectural design and scenography by Fabian Dembski

visual design by Sheng-Hsueh Wu
structural design (consulting): Oliver Englhardt 


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