Cty Lab

Get The Big Picture

is a rapid prototyping laboratory in the framework of Fabian Dembski / Studio for Architecture and Urban Design and aims to support participative design processes starting from an early phase across scales. CTY LAB is under constant development depending on our current projects.
We are working with 3D models in virtual realities (3D VR) as well as with physical mock-up’s and architectural models.

Recognise Challenges at an Early Stage

We offer 3D VR technology for communicating with customers, decision makers and stakeholders. Through the increasing improvement of communication and spatial perception by using digital tools throughout the design process cross-disciplinary. Doing this rapidly and iteratively generates feedback early and often in the process, improving the final design and reducing the need for changes during development. It also reduces the risk for errors from the design to the realization phase.

Easily Accessible 

We are working amongst others with web-based tools in
combination with mobile devices and special hardware. This offers our clients the possibility to be involved from almost all around the world. For a bigger audience (e.g. for participatory processes in urban design) we are able to offer our expertise in conceptualizing and realizing mobile solutions and temporary 3D VR devices in cooperation with our partners.

Keep it Simple

Our working base usually are simple 3D models (keyword rapid prototyping). This is due to the fact that more detailed and complex models are time-consuming in their preparation. Studies showed, that a certain level of abstraction even supports decision making, helps to make projects more efficient and besides to reduce costs for the customers.

Scales and Application 

We visualize on all scales – from small to large, from the levels of rooms and buildings to neighborhoods and districts.

  • Urban design: spatial analysis, movement and stationary activity, implementation of participatory processes, rapid prototyping (2D / 3D / 3D VR), support for participatory processes, on-site visualization, presentations for stakeholders and investors, 3D VR 360° videos for presenting built environments
  • Architecture: rapid prototyping and 3D VR presentations for customers and organizations, involvement of users, 3D VR on-site-visualization and “at-home-visualization”
  • Scientific projects/urban design: spatial analysis, on-site visualization, presentations for stakeholders, 3D VR 360° videos for analyzing and presenting built environments
Mixed Methods

Through a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods  (‘mixed method or multi-method approach’) we gain better insight into complex urban problems.
A mixed method approach enables to find better solutions and can be applied to spatial problems addressing various needs and demands.


Our knowledge is a unique combination of 3D technology and experience in design and research.
Fabian Dembski has years of experience in the field of architecture and urban planning, 3D VR and other digital technologies. He was involved in the development of SimLab at Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien simlab.tuwien.ac.at) and is active as a researcher and lecturer.

We are collaborating with international partners from practice and research, tailored to the needs of our customers.

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